Celebrate Memorial Day!!

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We will be closed May 28th – 31st to celebrate Memorial Day! Mikey’s will re-open for dinner on May 31st and we hope to see you!

Please have a fun and safe Memorial Day Weekend!!

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  1. Missy Says:

    Hi Melissa!

    We had to go ahead and do the banner. I do appreciate you considering it though. We have one child on the team that has not been able to come up with his money. If you still think you might want to help out, it would be a huge help to him and his family. Any donation would be helpful. He still owes $300. The tournament fee for Oak Mountain to be part of the tournament as well as the equipment and uniforms tend to be very expensive. I am trying to get that fixed but for now it is the way it is. I would be glad to get you the team photo with a “thank you for helping us” in a beautiful frame to hang there in the restaurant to show your support. Folks love to see how local businesses support the kids.

    Either way – thank you.
    Hope you have had a wonderful week!
    Missy Smith

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